Managing Cash Flow Using Marketing

Meet Ziggy, your helpful marketing safari guide

Have you ever been stuck in a budget-deficit rut?  When an organization’s profits or fundraising comes up a little short, money for operations has to come from somewhere – usually a nonessential department.  Marketing is often that first budget cut, supposedly easily replaceable with free social media marketing. 

While not as important as feeding the hungry or sheltering the homeless, marketing is far from nonessential, when you think of marketing as a tool to help you manage and increase your cash flow.

Marketing connects you with the community.  It’s how you attract volunteers, as well as donors, investors, and partners.  Good marketing can help you sell your organization’s mission to the community and build that annual campaign.  

However, good marketing necessitates proper budget planning.  If you cut the marketing budget, or don’t plan well for it in the first place, you will undercut and undervalue your own mission.  It’s technically possible to replace paid marketing with free social media, but that rarely happens. Even if you stick to social media, you can easily get sucked into paying to promote your posts and your pages. 

Don’t replace good marketing with social media.  Spend your time focused on your mission – helping others – and let the marketing experts at N4P plan your campaign and produce your collateral, and watch your donor base grow and grow. 

How to Manage Donor Attention

Overcoming Challenges

Financial circumstances change and you lose a donor.  So what do you do? Let’s follow Ziggy and take a look at that today. 

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